Daycleier | Musical fairytale
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“Welcome to Daycleier!
A fairytale written in the form of music.”

Latest journal entry

  • New beginnings

    This time many things will be different. First of all, there is a video. And second… well, check the video :D.

Chapter I

Chapter II

Hi, my name is Vaiko Hansson. Modern mystic, composer, writer, pianist, speaker, and an apprentice of life. Thank you for visiting my fairytale!


I believe our lives are fairytales. We are the heroes of our personal fairytales and we all have one epic mission, one destiny in those stories. We just need to find it.
We also have great skills and virtues that help us fulfil that mission. And we are destined to fulfil ours. The only thing stopping us is a door that is closed inside our minds. But once we open that door, our lives will never be the same…

What is it?

Daycleier is a fantasy novel written in the form of music. Just like regular fantasy books, it has paragraphs and chapters but these exist only in the melodies, the harmonies and the silences of the music. Inspired by mysteries of life, the story takes the listener on a reality-bending journey through magical adventures, great hardships, deep fears, vigorous passion for life and mystical unconditional love. All to inspire finding and living our epic missions in life.

Progress so far…

The composition is still in progress. Currently two chapters are ready and third underway.

The first chapter in music took 1 year to compose and was first played live on a reader’s conference of international best-selling writer Vladimir Megre. It was the opening act to the conference with close to seven hundred people listening.


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