Daycleier | The Book of Times – a clip from the past
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The Book of Times – a clip from the past

26 Jul The Book of Times – a clip from the past

Many, many years ago I created a very short clip that I called “The Book of Times”. It had a very strong feeling in it for me. I remember using words “I dream that I could just write this kind of music” etc. I knew, it carried a strong story on it’s own, but since it was completely different from everything that I had written before and also after, it just waited it’s time. Now the time has come…

This clip will be the beginning of Humanlove (and probably returning somewhere in the middle also). I’ve changed it a bit, wrote it longer, added a violin solo and incorporated it into the piece. And I really like the result. It was exactly what I was thinking way back, when I envisioned it to grow into something.

I’ve also made the middle piano part quite a bit longer and more fuller (starting from 3:12). It always felt that something was not still expressed there. Now it feels more complete.

Stay tuned for more updates soon 🙂

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