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Aim for the stars

10 Oct Aim for the stars

When I started the project, I envisioned a bit what I would like to accomplish with this project. So I set some challenges for myself.

I don’t know if I complete even half of them, but as they say “aim for the stars, you might end up on the moon” :). Or maybe I will, who knows!? Only the time will tell.
So, now I decided to publish them here, for you to see how I progress going towards completing them. It’s also good to have some social pressure.

Here they are:


  • Publish first version to the website (done)
  • Perform it to some strangers (done)
  • Reach full concert length (at least 40 min)
  • Hold the first full concert with the piece
  • Record all the instrument and finish the full production of the piece
  • Release the finished piece to the world
  • Perform the piece in a big concert hall, for example like the one on the picture. Guess which one is it? 😉
  • …and one more that is secret at the moment. Read below.


There is one more challenge that I want to take, but for this I need to prepare something. So it will be in some of the future posts 😉

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