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A message from a dream

06 Mar A message from a dream

I’ve felt for quite a while now, that I am starting to reach a milestone with “Humanlove”. It felt like the first part of it is nearing it’s completion. But I wasn’t sure of it until I saw a dream…

In this dream my significant other Moona and her friend Kaidi were discussing a tv commercial idea for their new venture. They were walking around a very nice looking dinner table, putting plates on it. I rushed over and started telling them it was lacking music. Violin music in particular. So I started imitating violin playing and humming a tune that I felt would be perfect for it. And then I woke up.

The dream was gone, but the tune was still in my head. So I ran to my studio – behind the piano and started putting it down. It was definitely a new part for Humanlove composition, but something felt really different. When I was finished, I knew this was the beginning of Humanlove Part II. So one day, not so far in the future I will present to you something completely fresh. In the meantime, here’s the latest version of Part I.

In addition to a lot of changes around the whole piece, today’s update brings in a very important element to the mix – the string quartet. I knew from the start it would be there, but I wanted to complete the main idea, before starting to build parts for it. It is far from completion, I am definitely not hundred percent happy with it, but I’ve kept it with me long enough. So here it is.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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