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I really do what I love

27 Mar I really do what I love

Many people have asked, where do I take all the melodies and the harmonies? Where do these things come from? Usually it is pretty complicated to explain. I always say something like: “First there is a feeling, and when something I just created correlates to that feeling, I’m happy and so it will be”. But I never felt people would actually be satisfied with that answer. Nor was I.

A little while ago I had quite an interesting break-through in the way to understand this.

I really truly enjoy the feeling and the story that inspires my music. The so called storyless Daycleier “fairytale”. So when I listen and create my music, what I am actually doing is that I am spending more time in that fairytale. I’m experiencing the emotions and the feelings I would have, if the fairytale would actually be true. But what I didn’t realize a long time, is that the more I spend time there, the more these emotions carry over into other fields of my life. I get used to them more and more, and don’t always need music to generate me those. As a matter of fact, the more I do this, the more I am experiencing my life as a fairytale. And that has subconsciously been the very reason why I am doing all this. To experience the very effect. And to share the effect with the others. I just didn’t realise that clearly the mechanics behind it.

So the answer to the question, “how do I do it” is pretty simple actually. I first listen to what I already have. It takes me quickly back to the fairytale consciousness. And then I just improvise with different melodies, harmonies, sounds and compositions while observing how my sense of this fairytale changes. If it goes stronger, I like it and it goes in. If not, well, then not :). As simple as that. And since I really like to see my life as a fairytale, I can bring it all together saying: I just do what I love, I really do what I love!!!

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