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Chapter two

01 Apr Chapter two

The time has finally come for me to officially start publishing chapter two of Humanlove. It has been ten months from start of writing the first one and I really feel everything has been said and I can move on. And more importantly, new stuff is coming more and more that needs to be expressed.

What remains to be done with chapter one, is to work with the overall sound a little and more importantly, bring in other instrument players. As you have heard, there are many string instruments present in chapter one and these need to be played by actual humans as opposed to machine. It is Humanlove for Pete’s sake :). So that’s the plan for the next following months. To find people, form a quartet and start recording the string instruments. Let’s see how it goes :).

Ok, so chapter two…

I feel some elements that were present in chapter one have sort of disappeared from the second one. This is interesting to me, since these elements have been part of my music for many many years. But it doesn’t feel the new stuff is lacking something, at least to me. On the contrary… something new is showing itself. Something I have never put to music before. I can’t really explain it yet, but I am pretty confident that I will understand this more and more as I go along with writing. One thing is for sure – I feel that this music is becoming more and more ready for the world. So I am starting more actively looking for ways how to take it there.

The first clip you hear is the start. It’s the early draft of what should be a string quartet. Enjoy 🙂

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