Daycleier | How the name found me
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How the name found me

06 May How the name found me


Today I want to tell you the story how the name – Daycleier found me. I have spoken about it with very few people, but after some recent happenings regarding the story, I feel this needs to go out. It happened a long time ago and still feels pretty magical and weird.

It all started about nine years ago. At that time I was already into music, but it was a lot different music. I was in a electronical metal band co-writing songs and playing guitar. And my world was quite a dark place. I think I can say I was pretty broken inside and felt separated from the life around me. I was often sad and angry and I felt sub-consciously deep inside that there was something else out there, but I didn’t understand it at all. I felt very distant from it.

About that time I met a very special girl. She was quite different from me at that time. She too felt this magic around us, but as opposed to me, she was very much living it. Her eyes were open. I think she sensed how we were connected this way – yearning for that same thing. So she started to show me the world I was keeping myself away from. As you can probably guess, it was very uncomfortable and frightening. My mind didn’t understand it and my fears put a lot of blocks on the way.

One of her topics she loved was a particular book series from russian author Megre. I don’t want to go into much details, but in short, it was supposedly a true story written about Megre’s own experience. It was about how he, as a businessman, was traveling up and down the Ob river, selling goods to the people of the villages on the way. On one of these trips he met a very special young woman, who’s name was Anastasia. What was so special about her? Well, on one hand, she was living in the forest without any physical possessions whatsoever. I mean not even clothes. Sort of like an animal. But despite her what it first appeared to be very pre-historic lifestyle, she had a very profound understanding about our society, it’s problems and challenges. She also had developed some “inhuman” capabilities and appeared to have ungraspable wisdom and understanding of universe and it’s operating principles. She even went that far, stating she was a sister of Jesus and has a mission to take the humanity to a new era of enlightenment. Megre was very very sceptical at first about everything she was talking about, but as time went by, he started to understand that it wasn’t all voodoo after all. Some things started to make sense and Megre started experiencing a whole different world around him. It is also important to mention that one of her visions about Megre was for him to take her message, and put it out to the world by writing books about it.

Coming back to my story, of course I wasn’t very interested about all this. I wanted to keep myself in a cocoon and not put my nose out, so I desperately tried to push away everything that was not part of my understanding of life. She tried for a long to get me to read the books, but after hitting the wall so many times, she let go. It wasn’t time for me yet. I felt relieved, but life had other plans for me.

On one night I saw a dream. It was a silly book commercial – a car was driving alongside of the big mountain and on top of that a book came swirling in. I only saw the title – the book was called, surprise surprise – Day Cleier. It would have been just another weird dream I had, if there hadn’t been a very specific and clear knowing after waking up – that this was my “Anastasia book”. As I started with the day, I put it on the “ridiculous dreams” shelf in my head and went to do whatever I was occupying my days at the time. But the knowing started reminding itself to me from time to time and didn’t let go. So in the evening I decided to, just in case, type it into Google. In all ridiculousness, what if there was such a book. Wouldn’t you like to read it after this kind of a dream? Google’s response was starting to raise some suspicions in me. There were four results. Not hundred thousand and not zero if you type something very wrong. Just four. Most of them were some gibberish, but one sent a series of shivers down my spine. It was a link to an online book store. Anxiously I clicked on the link and found to my shock that there wasn’t a book called Day Cleier. There was a book called Last Day. And it was written by Glenn Kleier (spelled exactly like this). My sceptical mind started rallying through the possibilities how this kind of “co-incidence” could have happened, but of course I couldn’t find any. I mean there was one word from the title and one word from the authors name. And just to leave all the suspicions behind, the word from the authors name was misspelled. Exactly like in my dream.

And then it got even weirder. The book was clearly stated to be a fictional story and the summary in short was something like that: just before the millenium change, a meteor falls into the Negev desert in Israel. Out of the ruins comes a woman, who claims that she is the sister of jesus and how all the world misunderstood his message. How everything he talked about was to connect people, but instead, tens of thousands of different religions and sects came, all stating that theirs is the right one and everyone else is wrong. She also said she came to tell the story once more – maybe this time people will understand. The main character – a young male reporter of a huge tv channel – gets somehow chosen by her to help her spread the message across the world. He too is very sceptical about her words and ideas, but as time progresses, the picture begins to click. He, just like Megre, starts to understand more and more what she is talking about.

As you can probably imagine, I immediately ordered the book. Due to some circumstances, it took several months for me to receive it but when I finally did, I soon discovered that it was worth the wait. The book together with the story preceeding it, had a massive impact on how I sense the life. It was then when it truly hit me how much more is there than meets the eye.

And when there was time to choose a name for the project, there was really only one option – Daycleier.

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