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Out from the cozy desk drawer into a cold and crispy breeze

09 Dec Out from the cozy desk drawer into a cold and crispy breeze


About a year ago I realised once again, I am doing this for people … for you. I want this music to reach all of you who need to hear this. Be it one or one billion. I also realised I want to be with you and look you in the eye as much as possible when you do hear it. I want to play it to you.

Since I didn’t know how to play the piano, there was really one possible option.


I needed to learn to play the piano, how ridiculous it sounds. So knowing it will be a huge challenge with my zero-piano-playing-experience, 11 months ago I took it up. A challenge to practice every day as much as possible with my time … which wasn’t a lot. And even more, to reach the stage floor within that year. I could scramble together lousy one hour per day. Part by part I forced myself through… and I slowly started to remember…

Then life answered… I got an invite to play the piece, first time in it’s current form. Remember the books I told you about in the previous post. The books from a russian author Megre. The ones I wasn’t ready for, back then. It just happened so that he was coming to Tallinn to speak in front of all the readers in Estonia. So I had an unbelievable honour to introduce him to the stage, in front of 600 people.

Now after two more concerts it is starting to get me. The safeness of indirect contact with my audience is gone. I am out in the open. And there is no turning back…

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